It matters what moves
Solo exhibition, AD Space, UNSW Sydney (2018).

This exhibition explores art’s potential to reinfect matter with memory, and to create openings to ‘more -than-human’ movements active within an ecology of experience. It engages process philosopher Henri Bergson’s ideas about duration, matter, perception, intuition and fabulation as propositions for an artistic experimentation with matter ’s movements. Active within and through the works are a suite of artistic techniques for creating affective intervals of relation to more-than-human material intensities. These techniques experiment with pausing and displacing time, with the device of the frame, with intuitive gestures for following the flows of matter, and with gestures for swelling material movements. The intervals that they establish are thought in terms of experiential thresholds.


DURATIONAL MONOCHROME (BLUE II). Hand-blown glass chamber, copper sulfate solution, thread.

INTER/RUPTIONS. Glass neon tube, acrylic.

DURATIONAL MONOCHROME (BLUE I) Digital print on silk, sunlight.

THE BEES WILL TELL US. Looped video, 28 minutes duration.

SCHWELLEN / *SOME WAVE MOVEMENTS. Hand-blown glass resonance chambers, dimensions variable. Acrylic, meteorite, magnet, photo paper (continuously developing), powder-coated metal, stone with resin, Solanum jasminoides plants.


{~} I+II Digital print on silk .