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Forthcoming 2021
My essay, Spider phenomenology: a speculative foray through the world of Pholcus gropiusbau, to be translated into German and published in the reader for the Down to Earth festival at Martin Gropuis Bau, Berlin in 2020. 

March 2021
Will be presenting a sonic essay/artistic intervention on duration during the Tenporal Belongings conference, The Material Life of Time, convened by conference organisers Thom van Dooren, Michelle Bastian, Hugo Reinert, Helge Jordheim and Lisa Baraitser.

July 2021
Art-science residency at ÖRES on the island of Örö, Finland. 

November 2021
With Lucy Powell/ Holobiosonics, I will present a three-day workshop on Encountering the Vegetal for the Earthbound conference, Aarhus Denmark.


December 2020
An essay written on the occasion of Tomás Saraceno’s NYE concert for Festa di Roma, titled: Haptic astronomy; or, how else to read the cosmos? About the cosmos, perception, vibrational ontology and spiders.

October 2020
A new speculative essay, ‘Symbiotic skins, metabolic schema ~’ in dialogue with Tomás Saraceno was published as part of The Skin of Things project by philosopher Michael Marder and artist Anais Tonder.

A short lyric essay, An ache, a knot, a thread, on the myth of Arachne as a contribution to Bernd Herzogenrath’s (C)OVID’s Metamorphoses exquisite corpse project.

On October 30, 6 pm primetime, Cashmere Radio 88.4 Berlin and 90.7 Potsdam: "Nachtgartenkosmos" : a cut-up of Datscha Radio's 2017-2020 transmission events, including parts of my contribution in August 2020.

September 2020
Public talk and discussion about speculative spider phenomenology with Tomás Saraceno at Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, for the exhibition, Down to Earth initiated by Thomas Oberender.

August 2020
Reading from my book, Possible vehicles for time travel at the Datscha Radio festival, Berlin.

June 2020
Paper delivered at the European Society for Arts, Literature and the Sciences (SLSAeu) 2020 conference, Anthropocene(s) at Museum Śląskie, Poland. Paper title: ‘Queering the wound: zoetic figurations of nonhuman life as tools for rethinking death’.