(‘bout me 🌵)

ALLY BISSHOP is an artist, writer and researcher, dividing her time between Sydney & Berlin.

Her research and process-driven practice combines sculpture, sound, text, film, dialogue and image. Taking inspiration from subjects as varied as science/science fiction, mythology, process philosophy and nonhuman encounters, her work is an exploration of materiality as movement: experimenting with intensive variations in organic, geologic and temporal processes, and testing the porous categories of life/nonlife.

She studied biological science at the University of Queensland (B.Sc. Hons 1 Microbiology).

She studied visual art practice in the Faculty of Art & Design, University of New South Wales Sydney, and at the Universität der Künste, Berlin, through Olafur Eliasson’s Institut für Räumexperimente.

In 2018 she completed her practice-based PhD in visual arts (UNSW National Institute for Experimental Arts), with an exploration of more-than-human artistic techniques active in process-driven praxis.

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